Measure K


Vote yes to keep families together.

Measure K - A sanctuary law for Humboldt County to enhance local control of our public safety dollars; expand community safety; and help keep families together.



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Measure K

The purpose of Measure K is to foster respect and trust between law enforcement, County agencies, personnel, and residents, to protect limited local resources, to encourage cooperation between residents and County officials, including and especially law enforcement and public health officers, employees, and to ensure community security and due process for all. 

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Centro del Pueblo (CDP) is a grassroots group. 

Since 2016 the group has been working to implement a Sanctuary measure in our county.  Our first success was winning a sanctuary measure for the city of Arcata. And now in 2018, the Measure K will be voted on the November ballot to protect the entire county. 


Why vote yes?

Most families include a mix of US citizen, legal resident, and undocumented members, and everyone is affected by overzealous enforcement. Humboldt families face horrible realities:

  • Parents fear taking their children to school or to the doctor for fear of being reported;
  • Aggressive immigration enforcement tears families apart;
  • Families fear interacting with local law enforcement or even reporting fires.

These issues affect everyone.

When people are afraid to seek services, the entire community suffers from higher rates of unsolved criminality, spreading of disease, and a lack of social mobility.  

Measure K addresses these issues by:

  • Offering parental preference regarding custody and residence if separated from children.  Measure K recognizes the importance of family cohesion.
  • Helping law enforcement.  County funds will not be used to investigate or report immigration status which will encourage crime reporting and cooperation, and local resources will not be used for unfunded mandates. 
  • Encouraging families to access vital services.  Immigrants will be more likely to consistently take children to school and access health care and vital services, reducing risks to the larger community. 
  • Saving local law enforcement money and resources. Measure K legally prohibits detentions solely for immigration enforcement purposes and prohibits random fingerprinting.
  • Avoiding unnecessary pain to families and the community. In cases of mandatory Immigration enforcement, Measure K ensures humane procedures.

Get Involved

Measure K brings people together from all over the county and beyond to protect diversity and family cohesion. Remember your vote will make the difference. Please start by registering to vote in Humboldt County. If you are interested in being part of this campaign, we have multiple volunteer opportunities to fit your schedule.


Register to vote

If you aren't sure you have already registered, go to the voter registration look-up.  If you know you need to register, use the button below. 

Volunteer opportunities

We need volunteers for a variety of events, for our fundraising efforts, our marketing in social media and in phone banking. We are a fun group of people and would love to have your help. 

Make a Donation

We need materials to inform people. We visit rural areas to educate the community about their rights.  Your donation will help in so many ways.


JUne 2017

It’s important that churches are declaring themselves sanctuaries, but it’s just as important for the county to pass a sanctuary law which will prohibit collaboration between local law enforcement and ICE agents except when required by state or federal law.

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Our Impact

Since February 2018, the Sanctuary Committee has showcased the importance of discussing immigration as a human experience in Northern California. The Sanctuary movement lights up the strength of Latinx residents to organize a campaign that is present in radio, TV, rallies, festivals, theaters, and the Humboldt State University, to make a statement in defense of families, Dreamers, all members of this community that respect and appreciate the richness of diversity.



Six thousand signatures

In 14 weeks, our volunteers gathered over 6,000 signatures.  With love and joy for the immigrant community of Humboldt, we move forward to discuss our rights to a happy safe life.



Events sponsored

Centro del Pueblo has put on over 12 events supporting Dreamers, Families Belong Together, Workers, Students, Local artists. 



15% of the population is Latinx

This means that thousands of residents will be impacted with Measure K. 


With your help we gathered six-thousand signatures, together we can invite everyone to vote for Meausure K on the November ballot, when can you start?

 Con tu ayuda, reunimos seis mil firmas, juntos podemos invitar a todos a votar por Meausure K en noviembre, ¿cuándo pueden comenzar?

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Yard Signs available

we’re looking for places with lots of exposure, to set up the Sanctuary Signs!! Send us your ideas!